Roberto Atalla on Metamoris 4!

Cornelius and Magalhães had an exciting match, with the first doing a better job and dominating the action. Saulo and Comprido had great moments, exchanging sweeps and take downs and progressing further, specially towards the end, but overall it was boring to watch the stand up trade for half of the match, both could risk more if intended to win by submission. Kit Dale could not back up his big mouth by actions, and tapped early to a better grappler, probably one that drills more than himself. Dean Lister could not bring anything to block total dominance from Josh Barnett.

Glover irritates anyone with his silliness, but he and Barret Yoshida both displayed great skills. And Galvão confirmed his superior ground skills by taking Sonnen’s back and choking him. Sonnen clearly wanted only to hold Andre and keep the fight boring to claim a draw but once Galvão managed to put him in trouble, he showed no defensive skills at all.

The show was good, but not as exciting as the previous ones. Disgusting to see brazilians supporting and training Chael Sonnen, but some people could do anything for money, no surprises here!